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About bee bright

Give Your child a flying start!

Welcome to bee bright, a unique and entertaining new learning experience for children aged from six months to four years.

bee bright has been created by a group of educators, parents and programme makers who believe that a child's first few years are the most important stage of their educational career.

Our DVD's have been carefully researched, designed, and approved by education experts to delight and stimulate young minds by using bright colours, bold shapes, friendly faces, funny sounds and both modern and classical music.

Because we believe that watching TV passively does not benefit young children, bee bright first steps is designed to encourage parents and children to become active participants. For example, bee bright first steps is the only early learning video that allows you to switch off the narration and listen only to the music and sound effects. This allows parent and child to talk about what they can see and hear, and to develop their own leaning techniques.

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Each bee bright first steps DVD contains four separate programmes, each building upon the last, encouraging your child to observe, listen, recognise and learn at their own pace. Our friendly cast of characters, including CBeebies star, Justin Fletcher, introduce the key concepts of colours, shapes, numbers, music and sound, as well as the importance of playing, sharing and having fun!

The four disks are designed for the following ages:

Disk 1 - ages six months to two years.
Disk 2 - ages twelve months to three years.
Disk 3 - ages eighteen months to four years.
Disk 4 - ages two to four years.

You and your child can start watching and enjoying bee bright first steps at any stage and do not have to have watched previous DVDs at an earlier age.

bee bright features ...

bee brightbee bright

Approved by educational experts.

bee bright

Links to early learning goals.

bee bright
Animation and live action starring Justin Fletcher.
bee bright
Introduces shapes and colours.
bee bright
Explores numbers, counting and basic arithmetic.
bee bright
Exploration of opposites.
bee bright
Designed to develop memory and logical thinking.
bee bright
Introduces musical scale, instruments & rhythm.
bee bright
Mixture of classical and modern music.
bee bright
Introduction to the alphabet.
bee bright
Demonstrates the importance of social skills such as sharing, helping, and playing.
bee bright
Designed to encourage parent/child interaction.
bee bright
Parental guides included.

... more about the makers of bee bright ...

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