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bee bright reviews

Here are just some of the reviews and comments that we have received about our bee bright first steps DVDs. We love hearing what children (and grown-ups!) think about bee bright, so please do email us with your own comments.

'Excellent value for money'
'At last a series of DVDs that understands the developmental needs of babies and young children through the use of television and media. It was shown to children up to five and they were all totally engaged. It really held the attention of the children well. The characters featured throughout the series which was good, and the children got very excited about Buzz and Fizz! Bright, bold, colourful, and not long-winded. Excellent value for money.'

Practical Pre-school Awards, August 2008

This set of DVDs had the children at our preschool setting entranced from the start, even the titles intended for the youngest ones. In fact, we had a visiting 6 year old on the day we first trialed the DVDs and she was as entranced as the other children! We thought they were fabulous and more importantly, so did the children, who interacted really well and thoughtfully with the programmes!! They also feature the chap who plays Mr Tumble.................our children automatically screeched' Mr Tumble!!' so we told them that actually his name is Justin, and they took this on board immediately. Some funky little characters (especially the ant!!) make this a lot of fun and the classical music makes a nice change too. Another feature we really appreciated was the option to switch off commentary (I've never encountered this before, nice touch, bee bright!), which means that we can talk to the children about what's on-screen at the time and they can make their own observations and commentary. A lovely resource, which I'm sure we'll be using for many years, as it won't date.'

The Magic Dragon Nursery, Wiltshire

'Miles better than Baby Einstein!'
We bought these at the same time as some Baby Einstein DVDs and our daughter (and us!) think that bee bright is by far the more fun, colourful, entertaining and educational. Well done bee bright - you're miles better than Baby Einstein!

Sanjeev, Mother of 2, Leicester

'Perfect for bedtime'
'We now have the full set of Bee Bright First Steps and each phase brings a huge amount of pleasure to our daughter. This is by far one of the most educational children's videos on the market. The learning effect can be clearly witnessed as our child imitates and recognises elements in her everyday surroundings. Modules are perfect in length and do no overexcite! Perfect bedtime preparation!'

Bridget, Germany

'A wonderful tool for learning'

The pace, sound and colours are just right for developing minds. The full set takes you through colours, shapes, numbers and alphabet - they also cover rudimentary language vital for speech development as well as visual awareness by introducing games such as peek-a-boo, snap, dot 2 dot, puzzles, shape/line manipulation. The characters, toys and instruments represented are typical of a child's environment.

My 2yr old enjoys watching Bee Bright and is often the first thing she asks to do after breakfast. We had her cousin over for a play session and my daughter wanted to show her Bee Bright and her younger cousin loved it too - she now watches it every day too!

I myself like the fact that the pace allows me to interact with my daughter. The option to watch without the voiceover gives both my daughter and I the opportunity to be creative and for my daughter to ask her own questions, making this series a wonderful tool for learning!

Mrs S. Asli

'Absolutely Marvelous'
'We have the two younger Bee Bright DVD's and think they're absolutely marvelous. I've just read the 'more about us' bit on your website and think you've done a fabulous job. Our daughter (19months) turned her nose up today at 'In The Night Garden' but was delighted when Mum offered her Bee Bright instead. She has a slight delay with her speech and understanding but we're sure these DVD's have brought her on significantly. Many thanks!'

Vince, Essex.

'Well done to Justin and the gang for this one!'
'I bought this DVD purely at first because my daughter - who is 22 months old - loves Justin aka Mr Tumble. Justin is his usual brilliant self in this and manages to keep her mesmerised - as do the bumble bees! She's now obsessed with bumble bees and we both have loads of fun watching them. Perfect for those days when you just want to sit for half an hour and watch something educational, colourful, amusing, and something you can interact with. We love this in our house and the gorgeous clear graphics and animation ensure it's not got that 'cartoon' feel to it! Well done to Justin and the gang for this one!'

Helen, Essex

These DVDs are brilliant!'
'I just wanted to tell you how great I think your bee bright DVDs are. My little girl is 2 and has Downs Syndrome, she absolutely adores Justin Fletcher, she watches Something Special every day! So when I saw your DVDs had Justin in them, I had to get them and give them a try! She loves them! Her speech is coming along brilliantly now and its partly thanks to your DVDs - and Justin of course!! The simple pictures in black and white and the bright colours make it interesting for her to watch, it's full of things she knows, she loves to sign and try and say the words as she watches. I am so glad I bought these and will be recommending them to other parents of Downs Syndrome children. I just wanted to say thank you. These DVDs are brilliant!'

Lindy T

'Thank you so much!!!'
'My son absolutely loves Buzz and Fizz (and Justin of course), and I wanted to tell you that he didn't start to talk until very recently (he is now 3), but one of the few words he currently says is 'Buzz' Thank you so much!!! It's so wonderful to hear him talk. He loves all four of the DVDs very much and watches them time and time again.'


'There are lots of pros about this product'
'I bought this DVD set for my niece as she's a big fan of Mr Tumble, and although she's too old for the first 2 discs they are perfect for her little sister who loves watching them too! I've watched a few episodes with them and I can see why they enjoy bee bright - Each episode lasts around 15 minutes which I think is ideal for their attention span, and each disc has clearly been carefully thought out for the target age group. There are lots of pros about this product - The animation is clear and colourful, it features classical music, it has narration which you can switch off allowing you to talk about what you're seeing with your child, and if you choose to keep the narration on, that too is clear and not patronising. There is also a detailed guide on how to share bee bright with your child, which is a refreshing change as most companies don't think to include one. The only downside is there's no disc dedicated to Ant (who is the grooviest bug I've ever seen!) I would recommend this product to anyone who has or looks after small children as it's entertaining and educating and at £10 a disc it's a bargain too -I'm sure it's going to be a favourite with children for years to come!'

Lucy J., Wiltshire

'Can't wait for more...'
'My children love bee bright! I bought this recently as I liked the educational aspect of it and Justin is a winner in our house. When I first played the DVD my two year old daughter absolutely loved it, in fact she cried when Buzz and Fizz went to sleep in their flower. What is quite surprising is how much I enjoyed watching it with her, it is beautifully designed and very clean and simple, there is no annoying music and the pace is just perfect, the repetition works really well and is stimulating not boring. I think if you, like most parents, are concerned about what our children watch then this is the perfect buy! Can't wait for more.'

Caroline, Essex

'Even the grown-ups in our house like watching bee bright!'
'Our young son and daughter love watching Justin Fletcher in Tikkabilla, Something Special and Higgledy House. When we wanted to buy a DVD with Justin in it we first considered Something Special, but wanted something really educational about things like numbers and letters. A friend lent us a copy of bee bright and we were all hooked straight away! I don't think bee bright has been on TV because we had never heard of it before but it is absolutely brilliant! Justin is FABULOUS as usual, but most of the scenes feature a range of fun animated characters like an ant, a caterpillar, and two lovely bees called Buzz and Fizz. When we discovered this DVD our son was just learning to say a few words and he watched this DVD constantly. It has taught him lots of new words and now he is learning how to count, recognise colours and shapes, and lots of other things as well. It's worth buying the whole set because we think most children will enjoy watching these DVDs, whatever their age. Even the grown-ups in our house like watching bee bright!'

Barnaby, Somerset

'Delightful characters'
The beebright series are often requested by our children, which is great as they seem to be carefully thought out as DVDs which really do encourage learning and enjoyment, with lots of (not annoying) repetition which is perfect for young minds. The music and visuals are fab, and the characters all delightful. Having the inimitable Justin Fletcher is a hit, and rounds these off as really well-made DVDs. You can put the TV on with a clear conscience as a parent that these are 'adding value', plus the added bonus that they are really enjoyable to watch with your child.'

Mrs L. Cox, mother of Fran, Josie & Lea

'It's wonderful!'
I brought Bee Bright for my 18 month old twins, who love it, they are having a great time learning their shapes, colours, numbers. They talk to Buzz and Fizz and even wave and try to do some of the actions. It does all the things it says it does on the DVD and more! Its great to have a DVD that actually teaches them without them realising it. It's wonderful, would recommended it to anyone who wants to give their children a head start.

Mrs L. Bull, Redditch

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